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Monday, 31 August 2009 23:36
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Have you ever noticed that Roman Catholic priests always seem to know the best restaurants in town?  If you are wandering around Rome on an empty stomach but can’t decide where to eat, all you have to do is open the door to the nearest restaurant and count the number of Roman priest collars inside.  If you can count several of them, then you can be sure you have found a great restaurant. 


Finding a good restaurant is a lot like playing golf.  Even if you are a beginner, you always have that one great shot each week to brag about to your friends.  Finding a great restaurant is the same.  You love to share it with your friends.  Here’s your opportunity to share your favorite restaurants with others around the world and get a little publicity for yourself at the same time.


We invite you to write reviews of wonderful restaurants anywhere in the world.  However, instead of rating the restaurants using stars or diamonds like everyone else, we will be rating the restaurants using little Roman priest collars.  One collar will be awarded for good restaurants, and 5 collars will be awarded for absolutely superior restaurants. 


Have you ever read a restaurant review that was so venomous that you felt like you would get food poisoning just by reading the review?  That tends to be the way most of the critics write a review.  It’s pretty scary when it turns out to be your favorite restaurant, and you can’t even recognize it by the description.  Our guide will stand apart from the others in that we are seeking to find the GOOD qualities in each restaurant.  We recognize the fact the if you go out to dinner on a Saturday night with a group, that invariably one person always gets a meal that is cold, another at the table does not get served until the rest of the party is halfway through the meal, while another receives the wrong order.  That’s life.  As a practical matter, you won’t remember those little annoying details several years down the road, but you will remember what a great time you had with your friends.  If you want to complain, please go visit someone else’s website.  We just want to hear why you really enjoy a particular restaurant.  When you want to find a place to go and have a good time with your friends, family or to seal the business deal, Roman Collar Restaurant Ratings will be your best source of information. 


In addition to rating restaurants, we are inviting reviewers to submit information as to how they share their different celebrations and traditions worldwide.  The traditions can range from private family traditions to national celebrations.  We will be encouraging reviews to submit pictures so that we can all share and develop a better understanding of other cultures.  That way we can celebrate the best of everyone around the world while we keep many of the old traditions alive.


Since we will be exploring all types of traditions and cultures around the world, we will also have a section on etiquette all around the world.  Since we are all connected by the internet, it is helpful if we all understand the appropriate etiquette for other cultures.  Such an understanding is a small step toward promoting world peace.  


We will also be looking for submissions of specialty foods from all around the world.  In every city, there are always some unique specialties that the world has not yet discovered.  We will probably discover everything here from luscious desserts to fine wines to the truly bizarre. 


We will also be asking readers to submit their local blessings before meals.  We would like to be able to post one version in the native language, and one version in English. 


We will also be developing a prayer network on a worldwide basis.


When readers submit contributions to our site, they will be given an opportunity to post their name, a short bio, a picture and a link to their web site at the end of their review or contribution.  This will provide some free publicity for our reviewers.   


Please check back often to watch our progress and grow with us.  The entire website will not launch at once, but we will be adding new features on a regular basis.  Finally, please note that while the web site has Catholic foundations, we encourage readers of all faiths to contribute and join the fun.  

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